I will offer a 0.1349* USD per minute for all 011-48-5XX codes listed above.
 For all 011-48-6XX and 011-48-88X I have rates 0.1399* USD. This is the best I can do but this is not the last rate I can say. As long U$D will get stronger with exchange with Polish currency I will be able to lower that price too.

* - Billing 1/1 – first increment 1 second, next increment 1 second.

Method of Payment:

     I prefer PREPAID. A thanks to prepaid my company has no financial problems and is able to buy more GSM/VOIP channels to support and offer more capacity. I prefer wire to my business account in COMMERCE BANK, but I may accept deposits to my Bank of AMERICA or PAYPAL wires as well.

Wire info:

Account name: Central VoIP INC,
Bank name:     Commerce Bank
Address:          25 Hudson Street
City:                New York, NY 10013-3802
Country:          USA
Swift Code:      CBNAUS33(for international wire only)
Routing            026013673                                             
Account no:      7917065935

PayPal info: Account name: slawekstec@yahoo.com

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